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Welcome to the Craft Rum Club, your journey full of hidden treasures is about to begin! Once a member of our Craft Rum club, any box you receive will be strictly Rum only (we know it’s your favourite).

We source premium small batch craft rums from all over the country and beyond, package them in quality gift boxes with premium chocolates, snacks and mixers that pair up nicely with your drinks, along with cocktail recipes we think you should try out yourself.

You can also buy a rum subscription box for a loved one – truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Select how often you would like to receive your Rum Box from the options below and follow the instructions to set up your membership.

Boxes are dispatched within the first five days of every month.

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Rum of the Month for February

Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum


Our Rum of the Month for February is Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum. Each bottle of Hattiers starts with an 8-year aged Barbados rum and is then blended with three other outstanding rums, hand selected from the Dominican Republic, Panama and Guatemala, before being mixed with pure Dartmoor water.

First timers can expect a whiff of caramel, soft fruits and a smooth aroma, followed by a rounded, sophisticated initial flavour and a short woody heat. The finish is long and creamy, very creamy, as the signature Hattiers flavour settles on the palate.

Full Contents:


  • 70cl Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum
  • 2 bottles of Double Dutch Ginger Beer
  • Burts Lentil Waves – Thai Sweet Chilli
  • Buttermilk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Fudge
  • Mr. Filbert’s Olive Snack

Our Rum Cocktails for February

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