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By Heather | February 22nd, 2021

There’s something a little bittersweet about Mother’s Day this year. It might be the upsetting realisation that COVID cases started appearing in the uk almost exactly a year ago and for many of us, whose parents live a distance away or were shielding, it might have been the last time we were actually able to spend any real time with our Mums.


A year of social distancing is a very long time, which makes it all the more important to show your appreciation for your Mum this year. Obviously, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be able to organise a visit to a pub, cafe or restaurant, and my Mum’s favourite treat, a trip to the theatre, certainly won’t be happening for the forseeable!


For those of us whose parents are elderly or vulnerable, even a walk round the local park might not be a workable solution. So it’s time to get creative.  Here are a few suggestions and ideas for things you can do, even from a distance, to make sure Mum knows how much you care this March 14th.


Organise a video call


These have become an absolute lifeline to many people over the last year. My own family set up a weekly pub quiz during the first lockdown as a way to catch up and check in with each other. There are loads of options for online video chats from zoom type online meeting rooms to less formal setups like the video option on facebook messenger.

Make an occasion of it. You could email the link to the meeting as a party invite to your Mum and siblings, take the opportunity to dress up or maybe put on a bit of makeup, you could even decorate the area of your home the webcam will capture with banners and balloons. There are even background options or filters on many video conferencing apps to add a whimsical touch (I’m sure you’ve all seen the story about the poor lawyer who accidentally turned himself into a cat for the duration of an important video call…). Make sure everyone arrives online with a drink or a cuppa in hand and settle in to enjoy each other’s company for an hour!


Photo prints


If you’re worried that Mum might be forgetting what you look like after all this time, why not send her some pictures? There are loads of apps available for printing pictures straight off your phone and many of them will only charge you the postage fee (as long as you stick to a certain limit on the number of prints you order). An envelope of single prints would be a lovely gift to fill up some picture frames for the mantlepiece, but if your camera roll is just bursting with share-worthy pics of you and the grandkids, why not opt for a photobook? Select your pictures and layout and Mum will have a coffee table book of photos to treasure forever.  Some companies even offer gift items such as canvases, pillows or mugs printed with a special photo. The ideal gift for a long distance Mothering Sunday.


Get baking


There’s something extra special about a home baked treat, so why not pull out the brownie pan and rustle up something tasty in the kitchen? I’m sure you have a signature bake up your sleeve, or know what your Mum’s favourite is (Sorry Mum, gin cheesecake definitely would not survive in the post). If your Mum lives nearby then feel free to get creative with toppings, buttercreams and fillings. You can easily do a ding dong dash doorstep delivery. However, if Mum lives a fair old distance away, it might be better to stick to sturdier bakes such as biscuits, brownies or flapjacks. Wrap each item in pretty tissue paper and pack them in an airtight tin or tupperware, if you choose a nice one it could act as a little bonus gift. Post it special delivery in a well padded box and your Mother will have her sweet treats by lunchtime the next day. Just add a cuppa.


Order a takeaway


Ok, so there aren’t a huuuuge amount of takeaway places offering to deliver breakfast in bed, but if your Mum happens to live in one of the bigger towns or cities then you might just get lucky. Lots of eateries have branched out into delivery since the start of lockdown and some might even run a Mother’s Day special nearer the time. A quick search of my own area on Just Eat turned up three places that will deliver a cooked breakfast right to your door!

For those of us with parents living in a slightly further flung location, you could swap out the traditional Mother’s Day breakfast for a late lunch or dinner. Use an online app to select Mum’s (and Dad’s, lest he get huffy) favourite dishes from a local takeaway, settle the bill and schedule it to arrive whenever you like! We all enjoy a night off from cooking now and then and your Mum will be no exception, just remember to call and give her a heads up so she doesn’t refuse the delivery 🙂


Her favourite nightcap


If you’re looking for something a little different to the usual floral offering this Mother’s Day then check out our selection of Bottle in a Box Mother’s day gifts. Mum’s favourite tipple will be delivered right to her door, wrapped in a beautiful gift box crammed with specially selected mixers and treats to compliment your drink of choice. You don’t even need to worry about sending a card, as every purchase can be personalised with a free gift card message added to your package.

There are hundreds of products and gift sets to choose from. If you’re struggling for inspiration, here’s a peek at a few of our most popular Mother’s Day products:


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