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By Heather | May 3rd, 2021

If you’re not able to visit with your Dad yet and are opting to spend some time together this Father’s Day over an internet video chat, why not check out our specially selected “virtual boxes”? We have a wide range of gift sets, ideal for making up a few drinks and snacks while having an online call. Send one to Dad’s address and one to your own. If it’s a family affair then you could be super generous and include your siblings too. The next best thing to having a catch up in person at your favourite bar! Or perhaps even better given the realities of a beer garden in Scottish weather…

Or maybe you’re just hunting for the perfect gift? To make life easier this Father’s day, I’ve rounded up my top picks from each of our main drinks categories; Gin, Rum Vodka and Whisky, to give you a bit of inspiration for great prezzies for Dad, no matter what his favourite tipple!


Pickering’s Gin with Scottish Botanicals

ABV 42%


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The recipe for the original Pickering’s Gin was kept as a family secret for more than 66 years. Based on an original Bombay gin recipe, the distillers tweaked the distillation process to produce a softer version of the gin better suited to today’s palate, which tends to prefer a smoother spirit. The gin is copper distilled from grain spirit and a blend of nine botanicals; juniper, anise, angelica, clove, cardamom, fennel, lemon and lime.

This Scottish botanicals edition of Pickering’s adds four botanicals that can be found growing wild in Scotland; heather, milk thistle, bog myrtle and Scot’s pine. These impart floral sweetness and earthy depth to the original Bombay recipe, resulting in a complex gin that has been adopted as the official gin of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The bottle, which has been designed to be as environmentally conscientious as possible, features the official Royal Military Tattoo tartan, which combines the colours of the Army, Navy and RAF in one striking plaid.

On the nose: Lots of earthy heather, juniper and pine on the nose with plenty of lemon and lime citrus and coriander notes.
On the palate: Juniper led with fresh pine and lemon zest, delicately sweet and floral, background notes of cracked black pepper and fennel.
On the finish: Subtly sweet and smooth with residual earthy notes of juniper, pine and fennel seed.

Perfect serve: Best served as a G&T over ice with chilled premium tonic, slices of green apple and freshly picked Scottish brambles. (I can help you out if you’re stuck, my garden is overrun with them!)


Atlantico Platino Rum

ABV 40%


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Atlantico platino is a blended rum produced in the Dominican Republic by Atlantico Rum, a distillery which is, interestingly, part owned by singer Enrique Iglesias, who bought shares in the company when they were just a start up.

The rum is made by distilling fermented molasses and sugar cane juice with aguardiente, a liqueur derived from sugar cane. The rum is aged for two years in ex-bourbon casks and then charcoal filtered for smoothness.

On the nose: Subtle notes of sweet vanilla, honey, banoffee pie, background hints of earthy tobacco and charcoal smoke.
On the palate: Sweet flavours of cinder toffee, creamy vanilla and toasted almonds, warming black pepper and zesty orange citrus fruit.
On the finish: Smooth and warming with white pepper spice and lingering buttery sweet vanilla biscuit flavours.

Perfect serve:

Atlantico Rabbit

• 35ml Atlantico rum
• 20ml ginger liqueur
• 20ml lime juice
• glug of sugar syrup
• 5 mint leaves
• 35ml ginger beer

Muddle the mint in a shaker, fill with ice and add the rum, ginger liqueur, lime and syrup. Shake well, strain over ice and top with ginger beer.


Boatyard Vodka

ABV 41%

boatyard vodka buy uk

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The Boatyard distillery is County Fermanagh’s first legal distillery to operate since 1890. Opened in 2016, The Boatyard began as a dream by ex Glenmorangie employee, Joe Mcgirr, to return to his native area of Ireland to set up a distillery. The resulting business is run as a family affair with his sisters and brother working as part of the team.

Boatyard Vodka is a field-to-bottle organic vodka made entirely on site at the distillery. Each bottle uses 1kg of Irish grain sourced from the best growers in the country. The boatyard take such care in their grain selection that the contents of every bottle can be traced back to the exact field in which it was grown! The small batch vodka is not filtered at all to give a complex flavour unique to their vodka.

On the nose: Clean and fresh with a slightly herbaceous grassy aroma.
On the palate: Quite a unique flavour profile, lack of any filtration results in a heavier than expected mouthfeel which is almost oily, and you can actually taste the grain. Subtle hints of vanilla and pepper spice with notes of fresh cut greenery.
On the finish: Clean, smooth and warming.

Perfect serve:

Espresso Martini


• 40ml Boatyard vodka
• 10ml coffee liqueur
• 25ml cooled fresh coffee
• 10ml Oloroso sherry
• 10ml sugar syrup

Fill a shaker with ice and add all ingredients. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans.


The Epicurian Lowland Whisky

ABV 42.6%

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Douglas Laing (est. 1948) is an independent family owned Scottish Whisky business now in it’s third generation. Master blender, Fred Laing, combines the finest malts from each of the country’s six whisky producing regions to create the regional malt range, six expertly blended malts showcasing the very best characteristics that each area has to offer.

Their lowland offering, The Epicurian has been expertly blended to display a flavour profile that is the very model of the region. Lowland whisky is known for it’s fruity sweetness and The Epicurean is no exception. As with other products in their regional range, the Epicurian is named for the original character featured on the bottle. In this instance he is a “1930’s Glasgow man, a real cheeky character who was ever the life and soul of the party and a connoisseur of fine food and drink” and he looks very much the part, with his cheeky smile, top hat and perfectly waxed moustache.

On the nose: Lots of fresh citrus fruit, barley notes with subtly floral and herbaceous background aromas of sweet meadow flowers and cut grass.
On the palate: Flavours of burnt toffee, citrus fruit, mixed dessert spices candied orange peel and sweet peaches.
On the finish: Long and warming with herbal notes of fresh cut grass and a cinder toffee sweetness.

Perfect serve:

The Horse’s Neck

• Angostura bitters
• 25ml The Epicurean
• 75ml ginger ale
• lemon peel
Add ice and 3 dashes of angostura bitters to a tall glass. Curl a long loop of lemon peel around the inside. Add the whisky and ginger ale, stir and serve.


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