You can’t fail to notice the resurgence gin has been enjoying for the past few years. New distilleries are still popping up all over the country, and the number of artisan gins on the market is becoming overwhelming!

This feels like a bit of a betrayal… but when I’m on a night out, I often prefer vodka over gin. I’m very much a G&T girl, whereas I find vodka goes well with lots of different mixers and provides me with more variety. However, much of the vodka available in bars and clubs is cheap and mass produced and the options available are usually eclipsed by the quality of other spirit ranges. Happily, it’s looking like vodka might soon be getting a bit of a leg up. There are now lots of exciting hand crafted vodkas coming onto the market and many gin distilleries are expanding their portfolio to include the production of artisan vodka. Hooray!

Produced from everything from milk, to quinoa, and grapes, these new small batch vodkas are a far cry from the flavourless background spirits so popular in the 80’s and 90’s. The flavour profiles that can be achieved mean that, as well as being a fantastic base for cocktails, it’s perfectly reasonable to enjoy these vodkas straight, as a shot or over ice. Quite unlike their cheap and cheerful counterparts, they wont induce that “straight vodka shudder” but keep you slow sipping and coming back for more.

Lets have a peek at a couple of the tasty small batch offerings we have available for you on the website.


Sipsmith Vodka 40%ABV

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Hand crafted, and copper distilled (the still is called Prudence!) from English barley, Sipsmith vodka is actually the first 40% of the run that will then be re-distilled to make Sipsmith Gin. The vodka comes off the still at around 90% volume and is filtered and then diluted to it’s bottling strength of 40%ABV with spring water.

Sipsmith is specifically designed as a “sipping vodka” unfiltered to retain the characteristics imparted by its distillation process and core ingredients. This removes the need for the addition of any sweeteners or aromatisers. The vodka is kept pure and unadulterated with it’s natural flavours and aromas shining through.


On the nose: Squeaky clean, mildly nutty with a spicy note of black pepper and a sweet hint of vanilla.

On the palate: Clean and subtly sweet with a rounded creamy weight mouthfeel, buttered biscuit, sweet warming vanilla and a hint of pepper spice.

On the finish: Delicately sweet, slightly nutty, and satisfyingly warming.


Perfect serve: Espresso Martini



  • 40ml Sipsmith Vodka
  • 40ml espresso coffee (cooled)
  • 20ml Kahlua
  • Coffee beans and an orange twist to garnish


1. Combine vodka, espresso and kahlua in an ice filled shaker

2. Shake well

3. Strain into a chilled martini glass

4. Garnish with coffee beans and a twist of orange zest.


Holy Grass Vodka 41.5%ABV

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Another vodka from the producers of a popular artisan gin, Dunnet bay distillers. Holy Grass vodka is the younger sibling of Rock Rose gin. The vodka is infused, in much the same way as a gin would be, with botanicals of its namesake holy grass, and highland apples. Holy grass grows on the banks of the nearby River Thurso and when crushed, emits a sweet vanilla scent. The grass was often used in basket-weaving or scattered on the floors of churches, providing a delicate fragrance when crushed underfoot. Highland apples and apple juice are combined and infused into the vodka in the form of a vapour, perfectly complimenting the sweet vanilla of the holy grass.


On the nose: Clean, with warming notes of vanilla, berry fruits, tealeaves, delicate peppery spice and sweet candy apple.

On the palate: The apple infusion comes to the fore, alongside pear, honey and sweet vanilla. The mouthfeel is creamy, with subtle hints of spice and a fresh herbaceous hit.

On the finish: Long and comforting with a subtly sweet vanilla and cream soda note balanced alongside cut grass and green apple.


Perfect Serve: Apple Strudel



  • 25ml Holy Grass vodka
  • 200ml sparkling apple juice
  • apple slices to garnish


1. Pour the vodka into a tall glass with a few cubes of ice

2. Stir well to chill

3. Slowly top up with sparkling apple juice

4. Add slices of fresh apple to garnish.