One Love Rum


On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Edinburgh installment of “The Rum Festival”. A travelling exhibition of all things rum. The festival has been operating since 2015 and tours the country showcasing a huge variety of sugar cane spirits. The festival visited 11 cities last year, bringing around 150 products to over 10,000 people. This year they have added agricole to their listing (a spirit from French-Caribbean islands that uses squeezed sugar cane juice instead of the traditional molasses), and are aiming for around 20 cities on their tour.

Friday evening’s session at the Edinburgh biscuit factory was an absolute hive of activity. There was a dedicated cocktail bar where you could watch the experts work their magic, a mixer bar for those after something a little simpler, and a whole host of sampling stalls run by the likes of Old J, Dead Man’s Fingers and Dark Matter. The Old J Dark Spiced was a particular favourite of the evening, and my better half (not a rum fan) was equally impressed with the Dead Man’s Fingers-Coconut. All this action was set to live Reggae and steel drum performances. A really enjoyable evening and a lovely relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend looking out for it next year if you missed all the fun.

Fortuitously of all, the mixer bar had One Love Caribbean Rum. Very handy, as it’s one of the newest products on the site. Thanks to my festival programme and the helpful bar staff, I was able to do a guided tasting. Here’s what I learned about the most recent addition to our rum offering.


One Love’s three island golden rum is a balanced blend of rums from the islands of Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica.

All elements used in the blend are distilled and aged in the Caribbean before being shipped to Europe to be expertly blended in the Netherlands, and finally bottled at 50% ABV in the UK.

The Trinidadian rum used in the blend is aged two years in oak barrels and brings warmth to the rum. The Barbadian component is from a “green” distillery and is a spicy, oaked, five year old rum blended from spirit distilled in pot and column stills. The Jamaican rum used in the blend is traditionally copper pot distilled from sugar cane molasses. The resulting spirit is aged for four years in oak barrels to produce a smooth, vanilla sweetness.

The rum is the first product to be released by the Kettering based, One Love Rum Company. The name was chosen when founder Steve Gamage realised that, despite it’s obvious links to the Caribbean and reggae music, nobody had thought to use the phrase “One Love” to market rum. A quick google search later and the company name was registered.

The bottle is cork stoppered, with subtle labelling featuring embossed palm trees and a mandela comprised of the quintessentially Caribbean colours of red, gold and green. Attractive enough to catch the eye in any drinks cabinet and ideal for gifting.


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The rum is a deep golden colour, At 50%, it packs a fair old punch (‘scuse the pun) so enjoy carefully as it is deceptively smooth on it’s own, but also perfect to mix with cola or tropical fruit juices.

On the nose: Mango, coconut and molasses notes, plenty of clove, pepper and ginger spice.

On the palate: Sweet vanilla and sticky treacle flavours balance with a rich oaked creaminess, warming spices and bright tropical fruit notes.

On the finish: Balanced, smooth and pleasing in length, with hints of butterscotch, spice and vanilla.


Perfect serve: Mojito


  • 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 2 tsps caster sugar
  • 12 fresh mint leaves
  • 4 tbsp One Love Caribbean Rum
  • 2 tbsp soda
  • Crushed Ice


1. In a cocktail glass, dissolve the sugar in the lime juice

2. Rub mint leaves around rim of glass, tear in half and add to the glass

3. Muddle for a few seconds to blend flavours

4. Add the rum

5. Top up with soda and stir


Simple Rum Punch


  • 100ml fresh orange
  • 100ml mango juice
  • 75ml fresh lime juice
  • 150ml One Love Caribbean Rum
  • 50ml simple syrup
  • Dash of grenadine syrup
  • Dash of bitters
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Cocktail cherries
  • Orange slices
  • Ice


1. Add all the liquid ingredients to a serving jug and stir.

2. Chill in the fridge for at least an hour

3. Serve over ice, sprinkled with nutmeg and garnished with cherries and orange slices.