The first time someone bought me a unicorn themed gift it was meant as a joke. I assume my friend couldn’t think of anything less appropriate for someone whose wardrobe consists entirely of black and who decorates her house with skulls, than a pretty multicoloured pony with a glittery horn on it’s head. I laughed, they laughed and we thought that would be the end of it.

Then, a couple of years back, unicorns suddenly became fashionable and were popping up everywhere! Clothes, teddies, duvet covers, coffees!… and because I had that original “ironic” unicorn… I ended up being gifted a couple more, and then before you know it, it had taken on a life of it’s own. I’ve accumulated a massive collection of unicorn themed nonsense and now I buy MYSELF things with unicorns on. I had to be talked out of papering one of my bathroom walls with unicorn paper last year so I know it’s gotten beyond the point of reasonable behaviour.

My name is Heather, and I’m a unicorn-aholic.

And the unicorn invasion is showing no signs of slowing down. They’re taking over! The glitter has even spilled over into one of my other obsessions. We now stock Unicorn Tears gin and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Unicorn Tears Gin, 40% ABV

unicorn gin buy

The unicorn is a mythical beast, said to look like a bearded white horse with a great spiralling horn protruding from it’s forehead. Civilisations around the world have accounts of Unicorns, some as legend and some as natural history (the Greeks really did believe that unicorns existed). They are often depicted as being a symbol of innocence and grace and in the middle ages it was believed that only a pure soul could capture one. The unicorn’s horn was said to have magical powers, a common belief was that it could cure sickness and disease. I love that Scotland chose the unicorn as it’s national animal 🙂 Obviously nobody specified that it had to be a real animal, so why the heck not?!

Nowadays, Unicorns feature heavily in fairytales and fantasy and are arguably the most popular creature in the world at the moment, summing up millennial culture. Social media, marketing and products are all awash with unicorn branding. So the good people at Firebox were obviously onto a winner when they decided to release their Unicorn Tears gin. Indeed the brand has become so popular that they now distribute it wholesale.

Once upon a time, the story goes, A stableful of majestic unicorns were humanely force fed on huge quantities of citrus fruit, juniper berries, coriander and liquorice. Then, rather harrowingly, the unicorns go through “emotion harvesting technology”, this is vague… maybe they were made to watch sad movies? or perhaps look at Facebook? and the resulting tears were collected and bottled to make unicorn gin.

Ok, maybe not. Despite the producer’s claims, there are sadly no such things as unicorns. The gin however does exist, and very pleasant it is too. Somewhere between a london dry gin and a sweet liquer. As a lovely fun touch, they have also added edible glitter to the bottle so that when you shake it up before pouring, it shimmers and sparkles in the light.


unicorn gin present

Our Unicorn Tears Gift Set even comes with a magical treasure trove of goodies (aka tasty snacks)


On the nose: Clean and fruit forward with notes of coriander and sweet liquorice.

On the palate: Rich juniper, red liquorice notes, sweet and juicy citrus fruit flavours with orange being particularly prominent.

On the finish: Plenty of citrus with a sugary yet herbaceous and spicy finish



Perfect Serve: Cosmopolicorn (yeah… it made me groan too)


You will need:

  • Unicorn tears gin
  • Cranberry juice
  • Triple sec
  • A fresh lime
  • Cake sprinkles




1. Add 50ml of gin to a cocktail shaker of ice

2. Add 50 ml of triple sec to the shaker

3. Top up with cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime juice

4. Shake well for a few seconds

5. Rim a glass with sprinkles (dear oh dear)

6. Strain the liquid into the glass and garnish with a lime zest “horn” or spiral of lime zest to you and me.


I’m feeling quite pink and glittery after all that unicorn related research. Maybe that bathroom wall could be doing with papering after all…