Earlier this week I met up with my bestie and went along to a silent cinema screening of Elf. It’s just like a silent disco, but you sit down quietly and watch a movie instead of dancing through Edinburgh City Centre in a large group, screaming out random lyrics, and generally terrorising shoppers. Anyway, I digress…

It was the first time I’d seen the film and wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m not a big fan of the lead actor. However, I have to admit it was good fun, so after a complimentary glass of mulled wine and some mince pies with hot chocolate when the credits rolled, I’m now feeling aaaall Christmassy and inspired to tell you about all the festive goodies we have for you this year at Bottle in a Box.

If you’re looking for something to get you in the Christmas spirit, we have a selection of actual Christmas spirits available for you. These gins would make the perfect Xmas prezzy, secret Santa for a colleague or a warming base for a tasty yuletide cocktail to serve to your guests over the party season.

Your bottle will arrive securely packaged alongside a selection of carefully chosen premium mixers and tasty complimentary snacks. We also have some beautifully designed Christmas gift boxes available, so you wont even need to get out the wrapping paper. Bonus!

Eden Mill Candy Cane Gin – 70cl 40%ABV

Yep, it’s every bit as festive as it sounds. This candy cane inspired Gin from Eden Mill is a lovely bold red colour, courtesy of hibiscus and bilberry botanicals. I originally thought it was a red glass bottle but they’ve managed to get that striking colour into the liquid itself. It really is a candy cane in gin format, with a cool peppermint flavour on a fruity berry background. The gin is sweet on the palate with plenty of mint and light red berry fruit and a warming hit of pepper on the finish.

As the perfect serve, Eden Mill recommend that you top up a measure of Candy Cane gin with a good quality tonic water and add a garnish of blackberries. I’ll be popping in a candy cane stirrer with mine for some added festive fun.

You could also add a shot to your favourite hot chocolate for a warming Christmas treat with a kick 🙂

Misty Isle Mulled Christmas Gin – 70cl 41.5%ABV

One of my favourite things about this season HAS to be mulled wine. There’s something very warming and comforting about that particular blend of spices. It never fails to get me feeling all festive. So using mulling spices as the botanicals in a gin strikes me as genius. The distillers at the Isle of Skye Distillery have used botanicals of juniper, cassia, orange, lemon, star anise, tonia beans and liquorice root, all soaked in Italian Amarone red wine prior to infusion. The resultant gin has a mulled wine flavour profile with a hit of earthy juniper. Spicy, warming and extremely Christmassy!

As a perfect serve, the distillers recommend adding a premium tonic and garnishing with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick.

You could also try substituting a glug of Misty Isle Mulled gin for the brandy in a batch of mulled wine!

Edinburgh Gin Christmas Gin – 70cl 43%ABV

First released in 2014, Edinburgh Gin Christmas edition has a classic art deco design in red, green and metallics as a subtle nod to the Christmas theme. The gin uses botanicals of clove, pine, heather, milk thistle, and liquorice alongside the festive flavours of frankincense, myrrh and nutmeg to create a comforting, warming gin that packs plenty of citrus and spice. In ancient times, frankincense and myrrh were extremely valuable and commonly given to royalty as gifts. So if you’re looking for an extra special gift for an extra special gin lover this year, this award winning gin could be the perfect solution.

As a perfect serve, the distillers suggest enjoying this gin in a classic G&T with a zesty orange garnish to compliment the flavours and aromas.

You could also try adding it to a festive hot toddy instead of the usual Whisky or Brandy. As my mum often says “It wont cure your cold, but it’ll be the best cold you ever had…”.

She’s not wrong.

Until next time, Cheers!