Exciting times here at Bottle in a Box! We have branched out into the realms of craft beer! Perfectly timed too, as we have a selection of craft beer gift boxes ready and waiting, just in time for Father’s day 🙂

The term “Craft Beer” typically applies to beers made by relatively small, independently owned/run commercial breweries that utilise traditional methods of brewing and focus on flavour and quality instead of mass production. The beers often include ingredients not commonly found in industrially brewed products, such as fruits, vegetables, coffee or herbs. They regularly use exotic blends of hops to emphasise natural flavours such as chocolate or citrus.

The number of craft breweries, especially in the UK, has boomed in recent years and with an emphasis on ingenuity, you can always be sure of finding something new and interesting emerging onto the market. The use of cans has also increased massively in the last 6 or 7 years, meaning better conditioned beer, easier storage for the brewery and an increased surface area for label design and artwork. I’ve certainly found that some of the more interesting concoctions being released in recent years have gone directly to cans, probably as a direct result of these benefits.

Right, lets have a peek inside one of our new craft beer gift boxes. As it’s such a nice day, I’m feeling the summer vibe, so I think we’ll go with the Tropical Craft Beer Variety Pack. Only £17.95 and a great gift for the beer lover in your life!

Tiny Rebel – CLWB Tropicana Tropical IPA
5.5%ABV IBU:40

This fruity India pale ale is made by award winning Welsh brewery, Tiny Rebel. The brewery started out in 2012 as two blokes in a garage and now occupies a bespoke brewery in Newport, South Wales.

CLWB Tropicana is a thirst quenching fruit salad of a beer, featuring mango, peach, passion fruit and pineapple flavours with a satisfyingly hoppy backbone. Perfect for cooling down on a blazing hot summer’s day.

The Wild Beer Co. – Sleeping Limes
4.6%ABV IBU:5

The Wild Beer Co is based on a farm in Somerset and embraces traditional brewing techniques. Many of the ingredients for seasonal beers are locally foraged and the brewers have a particular focus on finding the perfect balance between flavour and aroma. They credit this as the reason behind their beers pairing so naturally well with food.

I love a lager and lime on a warm day, and sleeping limes aims to take that concept up a notch. The beer is crisp, clean and refreshing with plenty of zesty lime and a hint of salt on the finish. Almost a gose, almost a sour… A lovely fresh summer beer for those looking for something a little more sophisticated than a lime wedge shoved in the neck of a bottle of lager.

Cross Borders Brewing Company – Braw

The brewery is situated on an industrial estate in Dalkeith, Midlothian and is run by best friends Gary and Jonny who, adorably, met at the tender age of 9, at an after school club. 26 years later they officially launched Cross Borders at the Stockbridge Tap in Edinburgh, and the pair have been producing great beers ever since. Their brews often include locally foraged wild ingredients and have a distinctly American influence.

Braw is a tropical pale ale, and “braw” is exactly what it is. Plenty of apricot, pineapple, mango and citrus fruit on both the nose and the palate. Juicy and refreshing, and ideal for chilling out at a summer gathering.

Beavertown – Gamma Ray APA
5.4%ABV IBU:40

A London based brewery consistently producing excellent beers. Beavertown is a sizeable operation founded in 2011 by Logan Plant, son of Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant. The brewery offers a fair old selection in their core range but also produces a huge number of seasonal beers and is well known for producing amazing collaboration brews with partners from all over.

Gamma Ray is an American pale designed to be so juicy and refreshing that you could drink it all day long (should you be so inclined). Bursting with tropical mango and grapefruit and hugely hoppy. A real sessionable pale for a long lazy summers day.

I hope that’s given you a little bit of insight as to what to expect from the selections in our new craft beer boxes. All I’ve succeeded in doing on this end is making myself extremely thirsty! I suspect I’ll be taking home one or two cans later to enjoy in the garden…