It’s almost Father’s Day again (Sunday 16th June) and I know from personal experience how tough it can be to find the perfect present for Dad. Fortunately, mine is partial to a wee dram, so I always have a nice bottle of Malt Whisky to fall back on if I’m really stuck.

If, like me, your Dad has a favourite tipple, then check out the reviews below and see if you can find the perfect present among our top picks for Father’s day 2019.

Steampunk Extremely Rare Gin (ABV40%)

Based in the North East of England, Steampunk spirits produce both rum and gin. The distillers are influenced by the alternative Victorian design and aesthetic of Steampunk fashion, resulting in a slightly more masculine looking product that would be ideal as a Fathers day gift. This award winning spirit is their Grandfather of Gins. Made with 8 botanicals including cardamom, juniper and three types of citrus peel.

On the nose: Spicy cardamom and angelica to the fore with an earthy juniper base. Classic, clean and citrussy.

On the palate: Bright, dry and crisp with floral hints of lavender, herbaceous juniper and coriander and a decent hit of orange citrus freshness.

On the finish: Classic crisp and dry finish, with notes of refreshing bitter orange.

Perfect serve: Smash a few basil leaves between your hands, and add to a gin balloon. Throw in a few cubes of ice, 50mls of gin and top up with quality tonic water for the perfect G&T.

Doorley’s XO Gold Rum (ABV40%)

A blend of column and pot still rums from the Foursquare distillery in Barbados. The spirit has been matured for at least 6 years and finished in Oloroso sherry casks to add a lovely character. This rum is an old school classic. Smooth and rounded with a smokiness that gives it an almost whisky like quality. (We used to have a pet parrot at home, so given the “whiskyness” and the Macaw on the labelling, I’m quite sad that my Dad doesn’t really drink rum. Would have been the perfect Father’s day gift!)

On the nose: Subtle and well balanced. Light and fruity. Tropical fruit notes alongside sweet vanilla and toffee.

On the palate: An initial hit of sweetness with caramel, banana and citrus notes of orange, lemon and lime. Fruity and smooth.

On the finish: Long, satisfying and spicy with hints of oak and a smoky finish.

Perfect Serve: Perfect on the rocks, topped up with a quality cola or with a premium ginger beer.

Arbikie Potato Vodka (ABV43%)

It can be hard to find a really interesting vodka when it comes to gifting, but Arbikie Potato Vodka ticks all the boxes. Based on a family owned Highland Estate, Arbikie is a Scottish “farm to bottle” distillery. The whole process takes place in one location by a team dedicated to producing the highest quality product possible. The spirit is distilled from three varieties of potato, resulting in a smooth, creamy Vodka that is also naturally gluten free! Great for any Dads with wheat intolerences 🙂

On the nose: A crystal clear vodka. Clean and fresh with aromas of walnut, potato skins and minerally charcoal.

On the palate: Smooth and creamy, herbaceous flavours of potato skins, walnut and brazil nut and warming black pepper.

On the finish: Long and earthy with hints of cracked black pepper.

Perfect serve: Stir 60ml of vodka and 10ml of dry vermouth over ice, strain into a martini glass and garnish with skewered olives.

Bunnahabhain 11yr Islay Malt Whisky (ABV43%)

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The Bunnahabhain distillery lies on the north-eastern coastline of the Isle of Islay. The name means “mouth of the river” since once upon a time the only way to get to this remote beauty spot was directly from the sea. Bunnahabhain 11yr is a complex golden spirit with plenty of depth. Aged in sherry casks, it is aromatic, sweet and with a hint of smoke.

On the nose: Aromatically floral and fruity. Fresh with a hint of honey and a wisp of smoke.

On the palate: Light with an earthy nuttiness and plenty of fruit, fruitcake and oaky vanilla, honey and caramel.

On the finish: A pleasing, lingering full bodied finish.

Perfect serve: Straight up, on the rocks, or with a drop of water to release the complex flavours.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for the perfect gift. Don’t forget that all our spirits come beautifully presented in a lovely gift box, alongside specially selected snacks and mixers to compliment your tipple of choice. Father’s day made simple! 🙂