Father’s Day Gift Ideas


The year is marching on, Summer is here, and Father’s Day is not far off on Sunday the 17th June. If like me, you find it hard going to find the perfect gift for the old man, then worry no longer. We have selected our top pick for Father’s Day from each of our drinks categories to make your shopping this year a breeze. There’s something for every palate so you’ll be sure to find something to make your Dad smile!

Brockmans Gin, 40% ABV

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Brockmans Gin was created by a partnership of four gentlemen with over 60 years’ combined experience in the drinks and distillation industry. Their goal was to “create a gin so smooth and sensual that you would want to drink it neat over ice”. I’d say they achieved it, and Brockmans has an impressive array of awards to it’s name, proving just that.

They use a unique blend of ten botanicals including bluberries, almond, blackberries, liquorice, coriander, lemon peel, orange zest and cassia bark.

The bottle is composed of black glass with an embossed “quilted” design and finished with a flourished red and white label. Dare I say it, quite masculine in it’s presentation? and perfect for gifting. The addition of specially selected mixers and complimentary snacks in our presentation gift box really make this the perfect gift for a gin loving Dad.


On the nose: Light and fresh. Refreshing citrus and wild berries, warm gingery aromas resulting from the use of coriander and sweet candied orange peel.

On the palate: Very smooth and fruit forward. Soft, warming flavours of blackberry and sweet floral notes create a very unique gin experience, refreshing and flavourful with loads of juicy berry and citrus fruit. Perfect for a warm summer’s day.

On the finish: The fresh fruit flavours continue. The finish is balanced with hints of orange zest.

Perfect serve: Prepare with a twist of pink grapefruit and 2 bluberries. Add extra large ice cubes and chilled premium tonic.


The sharp acidity of grapefruit and floral notes of blueberry combine with the botanicals in Brockmans Gin for a complex yet refreshingly smooth taste.


Belvedere Red Vodka, 40% ABV

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Created in support of (RED) in order to raise funds to fight the African AIDS epidemic, this is the classic smooth taste of Belvedere Vodka beloved the world over, now in a limited edition red bottle which makes it eye-catching enough to be the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Belvedere is the style bar’s vodka of choice. Sophisticated and smooth, it is created with superior Polish Dańkowskie rye and Artesian water. Belvedere uses no additives in accordance with the requirements of Polish Vodka. Our Belvedere gift box includes a 70cl bottle of Belvedere Red presented alongside Fentiman’s curiosity cola and a nice big bar of Chocolate Tree strawberry and pepper for an instant great night in. The ideal prezzie if your Father is a Vodka fan.


On the nose: Very Clean and fresh. Hints of warm creamy vanilla with notes of rye and spicy white pepper.

On the palate: Rounded mouthfeel and velvety texture. Distinctly creamy with balanced hints of sweet vanilla and savoury rye alongside white pepper spice.

On the finish: Clean finish. Satisfying length with faint notes of marzipan, clotted cream and earthy brazil nuts.

Perfect Serve: Pour 60mls of Belvedere and 10mls of vermouth into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon zest. Just the way 007 likes them!


Wester Rum, 40% ABV

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The new kid on the Scottish Rum scene, Wester takes it’s name from Glasgow’s Wester Sugar House Company. It was established in 1667, refining sugar and distilling rum for over a century.

Wester is craft distilled in Scotland in copper pot stills and infused with vanilla, citrus zest and the finest spices to produce a rich, complex full bodied rum.

The bottle has a practical design with a traditional wood and cork stopper. The presentation is clean and simple with unfussy branding and a nautical star as a nod to it’s maritime roots.

We have added a bottle of Fentimans Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger (to ward off scurvy) and a generously sized bar of Choc Affair Bergamot Dark Chocolate to our presentation box. Making this an ideal Father’s Day gift for Pirates, Sea Captains or just a Dad who enjoys his Rum.


On the nose: An initial hit of cola bottle sweets and orange marmalade, rich spicy notes of ginger, nutmeg and sweet vanilla.

On the palate: A scottish take on a Caribbean Rum. Dry and complex with warming clove and anise spices. Well balanced with creamy sweet vanilla, juicy lemon, orange zest and brown sugar.

On the finish: The finish on this rum is long, satisfying and warming with butterscotch and star anise spice.

Perfect serve: Pour 50mls of Wester into a short glass and top up with fresh grapefruit juice and a splash of angostura bitters (Monkey Wrench).


The Hive Blended Malt Whisky, 46% ABV

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Wemyss Malts was founded by a family with a background primarily in Wine. They wanted to bring the practice of blending specially selected wines to create unique expressions and apply it to Malt Whisky. They blend a small number of very fine casks so that the end result is a marriage of flavours and aromas, beautifully balanced and greater than the sum of their parts.

The Hive uses carefully chosen Malts from Speyside, highlighting the citrus and honeyed flavours so prevalent in Malts from that region.

The bottle is simple but elegant, made from clear glass showcasing the rich amber hue of the Whisky inside. The label is informative but uncluttered and features a little bumble bee, further reinforcing the honey theme.

A lovely gift if you’re looking for something a little unusual for a Whisky loving Father. Instead of the usual mixers and snacks, with this presentation box we have opted to sneak in a cheeky bottle of delicious Irish imperial stout, Galway Bay 200 Fathoms, which is a real treat in and of itself. Lucky Dad!


On the nose: Honeyed and malty, notes of sweet meadow flowers, vanilla, dried fruit, fudge, baked apples, and a wisp of soft wood smoke.

On the palate: Creamy and rounded mouthfeel, plenty of heather honey, dried apricots, and rich buttery fruit cake. Notes of toffee and sweet cinnamon spice.

Finish: Warm, malted and sweet. Beeswax and honey on buttery granary bread. Cinnamon allspice, vanilla and nutmeg spices.

Perfect serve: Neat. Or add a drop of water to enhance the woodsmoke and suppress the sweetness slightly.


I hope you found the perfect bottle to surprise and delight your Dad this Father’s day. I think mine might have a bottle of The Hive coming his way 🙂