I’m not sure exactly how this happened… but there’s only a couple of weeks left until Christmas! I’m feeling quite smug this year. My shopping was (mostly) done nice and early, and my cards were posted off this morning as I walked to work. There’s just the mountain of wrapping to tackle and I can relax 🙂

If you’re having trouble picking the perfect prezzy for family and friends, never fear! Bottle In A Box has you covered with our guide to the best gifts for Christmas 2018, and since they all come beautifully boxed, you won’t even need to get out the sellotape!



Eden Mill Candy Cane Gin 40%ABV

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You’d be forgiven for assuming this vibrant red concoction was a gin liqueur, but it packs the full 40% wallop, so consume responsibly. The packaging is extremely minimalist but still screams candy cane thanks to the hue of the gin, candy striped bottle seal and festive labelling. It really is reminiscent of liquid candy canes thanks to its’ tasty blend of peppermint and berry fruit flavours.

This gin would be a great base for any number of christmassy cocktails, but lends a lovely festive twist to a classic G&T. Use a good quality tonic and garnish with a few ripe blackberries to bring out the fruit flavours.


Edinburgh Gin Christmas Edition 43%ABV

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Edinburgh Gin is a firm favourite of mine, so this was definitely on my “one to try” list. The Christmas gin contains botanicals of Frankincense and Myrrh which are beautifully fragrant, and add loads of festive spicy warmth. Notes of orange, honey and nutmeg add to the aroma of the season. This would be great in a warming winter punch or simply mixed with fresh orange for a festive Gin and Juice. Or perhaps Santa would like a G&T with his mince pie this Christmas Eve?


Boe Scottish Bramble Gin Liqueur 20%ABV

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Made by infusing Boe’s superior gin with heaps of tasty Scottish brambles. Boe’s bramble gin liqueur is rich in both colour and taste. The deep purple liquid will add a fruity kick and gorgeous purple tint to any cocktail this festive season. Over ice it is pleasantly sweet and loaded with flavours of raspberry and blackberry, floral notes and a delicious warming peppery spice. To up the decadence factor (it is Christmas after all!), try topping up a measure of the liqueur with Prosecco or Champagne for a lovely fruity gin fizz!


Chilgrove Bluewater Gin 46%ABV

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Not everyone likes the weird and wonderful gins that abound at this time of year, so here’s an option for the purists out there. Chilgrove Bluewater Gin is a limited release london dry gin which celebrates the Naval links between Australia and England. Of the 14 botanicals used in this gin, finger limes, riberries, davidson plums and lemon myrtle are all indiginous to Australia, and the mint, coriander, angelica and savoury are all found in England. Botanically tying the two countries together in one tasty spirit. Fruity, zesty and refreshing, this gin is best enjoyed in a “Pacific Martini” – 75ml gin, 10ml lemon juice, 10ml blue curacao and a twist of orange peel to garnish. You can choose whether you prefer to shake or stir 🙂



Glenfiddich IPA cask Experimental 43%ABV

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A lovely “circle of life” story. Glenfiddich IPA is the result of a process which yielded two very different products. Firstly, the speyside craft brewery created a special IPA which was aged for a month in Gledfiddich barrels before bottling. Then the barrels were returned to the distillery where they were filled with whisky for a three month finishing period. This is the resultant spirit, displaying notes of cinnamon, lemon, apple, honeysuckle, fruitcake and vanilla creamyness.

This “experimental” whisky certainly seems to have paid off and the intriguing backstory gives some added interest to this ideal Christmas gift.


Tullibardine 228 43%ABV

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Another cask finish malt, but of a very different kind. Tullibardine 228 is a Highland malt finished for 12 months in 228 litre Chateau de Chassagne Montrachet Red Burgundy wine casks. The influence of the wine casks imparts complexity and a delicious flavour profile of red berry fruits, vanilla, oak, damson jam and a festive touch of allspice. This richly flavoured malt will be a hit with lovers of both whisky and red wine. Something a little unusual and a real winter warmer.


Dunedin Golden Rum 43%ABV

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Dunedin Golden rum is the first of it’s kind produced in Scotland, made by Perthshire’s Strathearn distillery. The bottle is striking, with a graphic of the sea warrior Muireadhach on a background of pale seaglass. The rum has a distinctly fruity nose with hints of dark chocolate, and a sweet flavour profile with hints of burnt sugar, caramel, sweet warming spice and vanilla. The finish is satisfyingly long and oaky with a sweet dessert spiciness. This will make a great base for a variety of warming cocktails but is just as good served over ice.

Pug Vodka 40%ABV

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Pug vodka have really nailed their branding, it’s hard to see how anyone could resist the adorable little bowtie wearing doggy that adorns their bottles. However, far from relying on cute packaging, Pug vodka is actually a delicious premium spirit that definitely holds its own. The vodka is made from the finest British grain and water and is distilled a total of seven times to ensure exceptional purity. Pug has a luxuriously smooth taste that can be enjoyed over ice or used as a base for any vodka cocktail. The ideal Christmas gift for the vodka lover in your life. Just make sure they’re not a cat person…


Miniature Selections

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Perfect for loved ones who enjoy a variety of drinks and perhaps don’t have an absolute favourite tipple. OR! Ideal for the dreaded “secret santa” situation. Asking Karen-from-accounting what she usually drinks will surely blow your cover… A miniature selection such as our Silent Pool/Kraken/Ciroc and Glenfarclas gift set provides a mini from each spirit stable and includes a few tasty treats to boot. The ultimate adult selection box and not a Bounty in sight!

Christmas Subscription

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And finally, as a super duper extra brilliant present for the special someone in your life, why not choose a Bottle in a Box Christmas Subscription?

Each month you, or your loved one, will receive a premium bottle of the spirit of your choice, complete with artisan accompaniments, with the first month being delivered in our special Christmas design gift box.

Your first subscription box will be sent out on the 18th of December, for delivery on the 19/20th December. All remaining boxes will be sent out with our standard box design.

The second box will be delivered in the beginning of February, the next in the beginning of March, and so on.

The final date to sign up for the Christmas Special is the 14th of December. So get your skates on to order the gift that keeps on giving!