9+ Gift Ideas For People Who Love To Drink | Alcohol, Coffee and Tea Fanatics Will Adore These Gifts

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and we know you are keen to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. This list of Christmas gift ideas is ideal for anyone who loves alcohol, tea, coffee and creating delicious drinks at home.

Get in the festive spirit with these magnificent gift ideas, including alcohol gift sets, hot drink machines for that coffee shop experience without leaving the house, and a few stocking filler ideas to complement their main present or for a secret Santa gift.


Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2021


1.   Alcohol Gift Sets

With over 250 alcohol gift sets to choose from, Bottle In A Box is bound to have a collection that is just perfect for your friend or family member. We offer a range of sets, including whisky, gin, vodka, beer or sparkling wine, at a vast range of prices to fit any budget. So if you know someone challenging to buy for, you can never go wrong with something consumable like food and drink.

Our most popular sets for Christmas include the Baileys Liqueur Gift Set, the Bombay Sapphire Gin Gift Set, the Kraken rum gift set and the Craft Beer Gift Set. Whatsmore, you even send an alcohol gift set for delivery to arrive straight at your loved ones home, ready for them to open on the big day. A great alternative if you won’t be able to give the gift in person this Christmas.

Browse our full selection of alcohol gift sets here.


2.   Drink Carbonator

Add some bubbles to your drinks at home. This drink carbonator is an excellent gift for anyone who loves to drink a lot of sparkling water or fizzy drinks. If you know someone who loves a gin and tonic, you can also add a bottle of tonic syrup with the carbonator machine to allow them to create tonic on demand.

Find the Arendo soda maker here.

3.   Hot Chocolate Velvetiser

A must-have gift for anyone with a sweet tooth is the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Hot Chocolate maker. This sleek kitchen equipment can whizz up velvety smooth, rich hot chocolate in minutes. It comes in copper, charcoal or white, so you can choose one to perfectly suit your friend or family member’s kitchen.

You can also include our Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur gift set, for the gift of an Irish hot chocolate for Christmas time. The kit also contains gorgeous raspberry and rose milk chocolate, sticky toffee biscuits and caramelised cashews, so it’s sure to make anyone with a sweet tooth happy to open on Christmas day.

Find the Hotel Chocolat velvetiser here.

Find the Baileys Irish Cream liqueur gift set here.

4.   Espresso Machine

Treat your loved ones to professional tasting coffee in the comfort of their own home with an espresso machine. There are many coffee makers on the market in lots of price ranges to suit your budget, but a great universally celebrated one is the Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee machine. Grab the machine as it comes or splashes out on all the additional accessories and a box of coffee pods.

Speaking of coffee lovers, why not consider a Tia Maria gift set to complete the present, which comes with a bottle of delicious coffee liqueur, tonic, ginger thins and salted peanuts.

Find the Nespresso coffee machine here.

Find the Tia Maria coffee liqueur gift set here.

5.   Temperature Control Smart Mug

The Ember temperature control mug is one of those items you would never think to buy for yourself, but they are a game-changer when you receive one as a gift! So if you are struggling for a gift for someone who seems to have it all, this is a great choice.

They are especially great for working parents who seem to be on the go and never have 5 minutes to enjoy a full cup of tea before it goes cold. These beautifully designed mugs are also great for anyone who works from home or is a tech nerd, as you can control the temperature of your hot drinks with an app on your smartphone.

Browse the Ember mug collection here.

6.   Cocktail Kit

Put your detective hat on and find out what your friend’s favourite cocktails are, and then grab them the cocktail gift set with alcohol and a cocktail making kit. Our favourites this year are the Lakeland brass and stainless steel kits that come with everything you need to shake or stir the perfect mixer this winter.

Find the brass cocktail making kit here and the stainless steel cocktail making kit here.

Browse the cocktail gift sets here.


Best Stocking Filler Ideas 2021

7.   Miniature Alcohol Gift Set


Our mini alcohol gift sets are an excellent gift idea to pad out a stocking or a secret Santa present for someone in your office. From just £14.99, you can order everything they need to try out a cocktail or mixer at home. This is a great way to introduce someone to new varieties of their favourite spirit or new brands of sparkling wine they may not otherwise try. Plus, the mini bottles are adorable!

Our most popular sets include the Gin Miniatures Variety Set and the Dark Rum Miniatures Gift Set. Also, don’t forget to check out the new range of Christmas miniature gift sets wrapped in a festive box which comes with all you need to make a cocktail at home, including a range of alcohols, mixers and snacks.

 Browse our mini alcohol gifts here.

8.   Champagne Bottle Stopper


There is nothing worse than a fabulous bottle of bubbly going flat, so why not give a sleek looking bottle stopper to your friends and family.

This is a great little extra gift idea for anyone who drinks alcohol or as an addition to one of our champagne gift sets or a prosecco gift set.

Find the champagne bottle stopper here.

Browse the sparkling wine gift sets here.  

9.   Whisky Stones/Wine Pearls


Whisky chillers are the perfect add on gift for anyone who loves cold whisky, wine, gin and tonic and more. These reusable cold stones made from granite and soapstone are about the same size as an ice cube, so you can keep your beverages cool without worrying that they will melt and dilute your drink.

Find the whisky chillers here.


Merry Christmas!

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